Embrace the Machine, Even Very Tiny Ones

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, aka Instapundit, provides the first piece in a four-part series on technology in today’s Examiner with a column entitled, “Embrace the machine that works better than magic.” He offers a quick take on four technologies that hold the promise of quick advances, innovation “that might not be magical themselves, but that would work magic on our economy and well being.”

  • Better batteries, necessary to make electric vehicles more efficient.
  • Rapid Health Response, i.e., the ability to respond to disease outbreaks or bioterrorist attacks with alacrity.
  • Nanotechnology, taking the next step to “molecular manufacturing” — “making things by putting the individual atoms and molecules where you want them.”
  • Better nuclear power: Newer, cleaner, safer and cheaper nuclear power technologies, such as pebble-bed reactors.
  • We highlight Reynolds’ piece — and anticipate the next three days of the Examiner series — because manufacturing plays a key role in developing and using all these technologies, one essential element in ensuring America’s future prosperity.

    Plus, Reynolds always displays an admirable joie de vivre about these things. Not enough joie de vivre in Washington these days.