Cool Stuff Being Made: How Neon Signs Are Made

By March 17, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

neon.jpg“I spend most every night,” sing Brooks & Dunn, “Beneath the light of a neon moon.” For you barflies and night owls out there — and even those of you who aren’t — you are all quite familiar with the omnipresent neon lights, neon signs. We see them every day all around us. Well, they are just one more manufactured product.

Today, Chris Heinly, President, CEO and Founder of L&H Signs of Freeport, Pennsylvania, takes us on a tour of his plant. This is another special from our friends at PCN Tours.

You’ll see in this 15-minute video how this custom sign manufacturer works, and you’ll see once again the high-tech nature of modern manufacturing. These signs are designed first on a computer and then send over to an optical eye plotter, and then over to the neon bender where a combination of gases — argon (blue) and neon (red) combine with a little electricity to make some spectacular and beautiful colors.

So click here to see this week’s video of Cool Stuff Being Made and — as always — feel the manufacturing vibe.