Cool Stuff Being Made: How A Bass Guitar Is Made

By March 24, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

guitar.jpgRegular blog readers know that the blogger-in-chief has been known to play the guitar every know and then. In fact, this very day, he will gather with his band of troubadours — as they do most every month — and make a little music. Sometimes it’s the acoustic guitar and sometimes it’s the bass.

The bass is one of those instruments that you seldom hear by itself, but you sure do miss it when it’s not there. It provides a bottom to the music, and a rhythm. Some famous rock bass players over the years have included Jack Bruce, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle and — of course — Sting.

In the spirit of those greats (notably not including the blogger-in-chief), here’s a one hour video of Ken Smith Basses being made, narrated by none other than Ken Smith himself. (What is it about those Smith boys and guitar making?) This is another PCN Tours special — thanks again to those great folks.

So click here to feel the beat, watch bass guitars being made and feel the manufacturing vibe.