Checking the Claims on Card Check

By March 13, 2007Labor Unions

James Sherk at the Heritage Foundation has been doing yeoman’s work analyzing union claims about H.R. 800, the disingenuously named Employee Free Choice Act. Labor activists claim the current process for organizing a union is tilted too far in favor of the employer, who tends to be a malicious oppressor of the workers (a description we certainly don’t recognize as reality). Look at all the cases of employer abuses, compared to few union transgressions, laborites argue.

In a new memo, Sherk refutes the claims.

Labor activists argue that Congress should pass the Employee Free Choice Act because employers routinely intimidate and fire workers who try to unionize. Employers, they claim, have retaliated against pro-union workers in one-quarter of organizing elections, discriminating against or firing more than 31,000 workers who wanted to join a union in 2005. This compares, they contend, to just 42 cases of union intimidation of workers in the past 60 years.

All these claims are false.

Point by point, number by number, Sherk shows the union accusations and argumentation to be untrue and, we would say by extension, purposely misleading. Read the whole thing.