‘Catching a Wave of High-Tech Exports’

By March 12, 2007Trade

Great article in yesterday’s New York Times by William Holstein by the above title, about some great NAM members who are exporting like crazy around the world. And, as Holstein explains, while the dollar has a lot to do with it, it’s not everything. He quotes a spokesman from Deere & Co. as saying, “We are not competing on cost. We are not competing on volume…we are competing on providing value to the customer.”

He also quotes NAM Board member Bill Hickey, CEO of of Sealed Air, talking about their technology edge, exporting IV bags into China. NAM members United Technologies and Applied Materials are also mentioned.

Says Holstein in conclusion, “as long as the world’s thirst for higher living standards continues, American exports of manufactured goods will be on the rise.”

Yeah, we knew that, one more reason why we support free trade agreements, so we can export more US-made goods overseas.

Here’s a link to the full article.