Card Check: Witnesses for Senate Hearing

By March 24, 2007Labor Unions

The Senate Committee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions has announced the witness list for Tuesday’s hearing on the Employee Free Choice Act:

  • Mr. Errol Hohrein, Greely, Colorado
  • Prof. Cynthia Estlund, Catherine A. Rein Professor of Law, New York University Law School, New York, NY
  • Dr. Lawrence Mishel, President, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, DC
  • Mr. Peter Hurtgen, Former Chairman and Member, National Labor Relations Board. Former Director, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Irvine, California
  • Hohrein is an aggrieved boilermaker from Colorado whom the AFL-CIO is using in rallies and other pro-EFCA lobbying. His former employer is letting Hohrein’s complaint work its way through the NLRB process without public comment, stating it “believes it is inappropriate to try to gain an advantage of any sort by talking to the media.” (Story here.)

    Professor Estlund is a law professor at NYU, author of books and articles on labor and the workplace, and a critic of the National Labor Relations Act. Her NYU bio is here.

    Mishel is president of the Economic Policy Institute, the left-wing think tank funded by labor and foundations.

    Hurtgen is a partner at Morgan Lewis and was previously appointed to the NLRB by President Clinton and to the FMCS by President George W. Bush. Morgan Lewis has opposed the Employee Free Choice Act, as detailed in the firm’s LawFlash article.

    Therefore, the apparent breakdown is three witnesses in favor of the ill-benamed Employee Free Choice Act, one opposed. Given that the committee is chaired by Senator Kennedy, D-MA, the sponsor of Senate card-check legislation, that’s no surprise.