Card Check: The Post-Mortem

By March 2, 2007Labor Unions

As Carter Wood noted in real time yesterday, the House voted to strip employees of a fundamental democratic right — the right to a secret ballot election. This fight is far from over, and many hundreds of manufacturers weighed in through the blog to send a message to their Member of Congress. We know the President will veto this bill if it gets through the Senate, but remember, each Congress is about the next Congress. Some day there might be a President who is not so eager to veto this bill. That’s clearly what the unions are wishing for. We need to keep the pressure on, and we’ll be back to you with more details on that front. But for the moment, yesterday was a dark day for democracy. We can only say to those who voted for this boneheaded bill that we will not forget. We will remember at election time. And if you forget, don’t worry — we’ll remind you — and your voters.

Here’s a link to a good/bad list by state, here’s another link to the Roll Call vote and here’s a link to a Congressional roster, in case you want to say either “Thanks” or “Thanks for nuttin’.”