Card Check: Tasini vs. Keene, Round II

By March 17, 2007Labor Unions

We now conclude the two-part debate held on “America’s Business” — the NAM’s weekly radio program — on the proposed card-check legislation, which would replace the secret-ballot elections now used in organizing a business with the non-confidential collection of employee signature cards. Organized labor has made support for a card check a top priority in this Congress as represented in H.R. 800. This grievously misnamed Employee Free Choice Act passed the House by a vote of 241-185.

The radio debate, hosted by Mike Hambrick, pits David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, against Jonathan Tasini, executive director of the Labor Research Association.

Tasini contends the bill “is an attempt to fix a system that is completely broken down, where people today do not have the real right to form a union.” Keene says union organizers “would double their victories in that way, but at the cost of democracy, at the cost of the secret ballot…”

A good debate, which you can read in a .pdf file available here. A transcript of Part I, broadcast last week, is available here. Our thanks to Mssrs. Keene and Tasini.