Card Check: Senators Enzi, Hatch Comment

By March 25, 2007Labor Unions

Ranking Republican on the Senate Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions Committee is Sen. Mike Enzi, R-WY. In anticipation of the committee’s hearing Tuesday on the fraudulently named Employee Free Choice Act, we note Sen. Enzi’s firm opposition to the bill, which would demolish the employee protections inherent in secret-ballot elections. From his Feb. 8 news release (.pdf file):

The right to a private ballot is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. Working Americans deserve to choose what’s right for them in the workplace without fear coercion or pressure and without having to publicly disclose or defend their views to hostile coworkers or union.

Americans get a private ballot when they choose their President, their Congressmen, their local councilmen, even their PTA leaders – why should they not have the same right in the workplace when they decide whether to form a union? Free, fair, and private elections are a fundamental principle of American democracy.

By substituting an unsupervised and undemocratic Card Check system for a government-supervised private ballot process, we would be sending working families a conflicting message that voting rights end at the shop door, and that the interests of the lowest paid worker take a back seat to those of union bosses.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-UT, who also serves on the HELP Committee, issued a news release upon House passage of H.R. 800.

“Union bosses have made Congress an offer we can refuse,” Hatch said. “This bill is a disgrace, and we’re going to fight it in the Senate.”

Good luck, Senators. It’s a fight well worth having…and winning.