Card Check: Reviewing the Hearing

By March 27, 2007Labor Unions

Seth Borden at The Union-Free Employer blog has read through the testimony from today’s Senate committee hearing on the purposely misnamed Employee Free Choice Act and reaches the unavoidable conclusion: Proponents believe the ends — unionization — justifies the means — the elimination of secret-ballot elections and employee choice and the destruction of decades of settled labor law.

The positions set forth in these statements are less about “employee choice,” and more about why the witnesses believe there should be more unionized workers in the private sector.

Plain and simple, as we have known for months, the E.F.C.A. is really about stacking the deck to ensure more union wins — regardless of what particular employees do or do not want.

Meanwhile, Richard Hankins at the EFCA Updates blog from Kilpatrick Stockton spots flat-out falsehoods being spread in the campaign for card-check — he uses the polite term, “misinformation” — and challenges Senators to seek the truth where they may find it. He follows it with a great list of resources on the topic.

Finally, for now at least, we would be remiss not to note the clever and forceful ad campaign launched this week by the Center for Union Facts, including ads in Capitol Hill tabloids and on local TV. (News release here.) The TV spots are particularly amusing. You can find them here, at the bottom of the Center’s homepage.