Card Check: Giuliani, Romney Take a Stand

By March 30, 2007Labor Unions

Since we’ve given the Democratic candidates for president plenty of space to state their position on the risibly named Employee Free Choice Act, it seems only fair to check in with the Republicans. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliami and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have both spoken to the issue recently. In a far-reaching interview with Larry Kudlow on economic issues,Giuliani said this:

I find it very, very odd when I listen to Democrats, you know, talking about their interest in democracy and the right to vote and they want to take away–they want to take away this sacred right from employees in making a decision about whether they should be members of a union. Why shouldn’t they have a right to a secret ballot? That’s probably the most honest, that’s the most traditional way of doing it, that’s the way they do it when they elect public officials. And if they want to have a union, God bless them. If they want to have a union, that should be their free choice. If they don’t want to have a union, that should be their free choice. And there should be no intimidation involved where it has to be done–where it has to be done publicly where people can pressure them and people can put them out of undue pressure on them.

Speaking to The Club for Growth in Florida Thursday, Romney made card check one of the points in his economic platform:

Governor Romney Supports The Rights Of Workers To Decide Whether To Join A Union Or Not. Democrats want to deny workers the right to make the decision on whether to unionize by secret ballot and mandate that unionization be allowed by a “card check” system. We oppose taking away workers’ rights to a secret ballot.