Card Check: Easy In, Not-So-Easy Out

By March 1, 2007Labor Unions

It’s almost humorous to hear the unions and their minions in the Congress talk so dismissively about the need for secret ballot elections in the context of the anti-democracy card check bill. Sure – who needs ’em? It’s all about just getting enough cards, much cleaner, much easier that way. OK — fair enough. So we have a proposal:

Right now, under the National Labor Relations Act, if you’re in a union and you want to de-certify it, i.e., scrap it, dissolve it, extricate you and your fellow employees from it, the NLRB requires (of course) a secret ballot election. So while they’re under the hood this week, mucking around with the secret ballot, why not toss it out the window for this purpose as well? Why not? Fair is fair, right? If you’re gonna let people get into the union easier, wouldn’t it only be fair to allow folks to get out easier, too?

Why not say that upon a showing of cards from 50%+1 of the existing unit, the union goes bye-bye, no election? Otherwise, this would be more like the Roach Motel — or the Mob — where you can get in but you can’t get out. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

C’mon, Dems, whaddaya say?