Card Check: Checking the Facts

By March 26, 2007Labor Unions

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-UT, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, took the floor of the Senate today to set the stage for tomorrow’s committee hearing on the delusorily named Employee Free Choice Act. (Text of his floor statement is here.) He did a stellar job in demolishing the claims of the advocates about the legislation’s beneficent goals, demonstrating the bill is really about forced unionization.

He also brought needed attention to the provisions of the bill that would force cumpulsory, binding arbitration on both parties after 90 days of negotiations on an inital union contract. That’s government-imposed wages and terms and conditions of employment. Where’s the free choice in that?

Hatch makes these essential points:

The proponents of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act are asking the American worker to accept:

  • the denial of access to complete information about the union; the denial of a private ballot vote;
  • the inability to decertify a union for at least 28 months after it is initially certified;
  • the denial of the right to strike for a better deal after binding arbitration;
  • potentially, the denial of an employee’s opportunity to vote on a contract;
  • and the denial of knowing if a union is organizing at their place of work.
  • Again, where is the free choice in any of that?

    When Senator Hatch sets his mind against a piece of legislation, he’s a fierce, unflinching force. Thanks, Senator. “Freedom” and “choice” shouldn’t be robbed of their real meanings.

    P.S. the full url for the Senator’s statement, available on his official website as a news release is this:

    What a great little coincidence. A news release about freedom has as its identifier, “1776.” Keep that spirit!