Blog Row Afterthoughts

By March 29, 2007General

Anyone who doubts the GOP’s ability to stay on message should have sat with us in HC-9 of the Capitol yesterday. Almost thirty Members of Congress — including Leadership — came through to visit with the assembled bloggers and take questions. However, virtually all of them made the same three key points:

  • The budget that the Democrats will unveil this week represents the single largest tax increase in history. Every one of them had data on the cost to each taxpayer in their state.
  • In the Dems’ budget, there is no slowing of entitlements.
  • In the Dems’ budget, there’s not even a one-year patch for the alternative minimum tax (AMT).
  • Again, you can agree or disagree, but their ability to hammer away and stay on message was impressive. Whether it’ll make a difference in press coverage or public opinion remains to be seen.

    It also appeared that they had renewed vigor. Most also made the point that in their view, the Democrats didn’t win the elections of ’06, the Republicans lost it. They feel they lost the election by losing their way and by drifting from their core principles of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. It’s clear from yesterday’s session that they intend to embrace those principles with a vengeance.

    By the way, thanks to our blogging buddy — and shutterbug — Rob Bluey, here are a bunch of photos from yesterday’s session.