Al Gore: The Saudi Arabia of Overstatement

By March 23, 2007General

In his testimony this week, Al Gore talked about China as “the Saudi Arabia of manufacturing.” We took that to mean — in conventional parlance — that China is the world’s manufacturing leader. This, of course, is conventional wisdom. Just ask Lou Dobbs or the person on the street. They will tell you that China is the world’s manufacturing leader.

But like so many other theories of Al’s that are conventional wisdom, this one is also not true. In fact, China comes in a distant third (9% of worldwide manufacturing) — behind Japan (21%) and the #1 world leader in manufacturing with some 24% of world manufacturing GDP, the good ol’ US of A. That would make the US the Saudi Arabia of manufacturing. Maybe Al wants to go back and amend the record.

Just makes you wonder — if Al so wrong on this, what else is he wrong about?

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