Adam Putnam (R-FL), Conference Chair

By March 28, 2007General

Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam (R-FL):

This blog row is a part of our effort to shake the dust off our wings, take the opportunity to connect with people in America. We’re going into the Spring District Work Period with 2 issues hanging over the America people:

  • What do our soldiers need to successfully fight in Iraq? Democrats are telegraphing to the enemy when we’re leaving and have chosen to hamstring our soldiers and commanders on the ground and micromanage it.
  • Second issue: This is a throwback to the 1970’s Democrat majority. $40 billion in new tax increases. They’ve added $50 billion to spending for this year already. They are doing nothing to address “generational crisis.” [Social Security] is a generational not a partisan issue. Given the opportunity to do something about it, the Democrats have punted.
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