A Labor Guy’s Perfect President, or Stay Healthy!

By March 6, 2007Health Care, Labor Unions, Trade

Jonathan Tasini, the executive director of Labor Research Association and a former Democratic primary candidate against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, has written a revealing column on what would constitute a perfect presidential candidate in the eyes of organized labor. Tasini wants a candidate who has walked a picket line, rejects the “false worship of the twins gods of the so-called ‘free market’ and so-called ‘free trade,'” opposes fast-track authority, and, of course, supports card-check legislation (a “no brainer” according to Tasini). And on health care, Tasini definitely has a preferred course of action:

I personally believe that single-payer health care is the only economically viable and socially responsible solution to the crisis in health care.

Ah, yes, government-monopoly health care. And how’s that working out in the United Kingdom these days? British columnist Scott Burgess reports in The Times:

We’ve just learnt that some hospitals are removing every third light bulb to save money, and that nurses are being paid half the minimum wage — or being asked to work for nothing — at others.

That’s how bad the financial crisis has become. Meanwhile, the National Health Service is employing shaman fairy enthusiasts as psychological counsellors, enthusiastically providing treatments invented by “an ordained minister and a personal performance coach” who thinks tapping your body can cure diabetes, promoting dowsers and crystal healers and spending vast amounts on therapies that can’t be scientifically supported.

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

No, we imagine not. Some expectant mothers in Britain may be having some very serious problems, indeed. Life and death problems, as this NHS doctor reports.

Quite a platform, Mr. Tasini: Down with so-called “freedom,” up with shamans!

(Hats tip: Andrew Stuttaford and Glenn Reynolds.)