You Call This Evidence? Ach, Quatsch

By February 3, 2007Global Warming, Media Relations

In his 8:42 a.m. post today the Blogger-in-Chief highlighted a front-page Washington Post story on the latest international report about global climate change.

The editors illustrated the story on the jump page, A8, with a chart, a photo of an airliner with contrails, and two photos, one above another, of a house in the lovely Bavarian town of Mietraching, Germany. In the top, there’s a good two feet of snow atop the house; in the second, it’s dry. You can see the Reuters photos here. And here’s the Post’s caption.

A man removes snow from the roof of his house in Mietraching, Germany, in February 2006. The same house, below, pictured last month, illustrates the mild winter most of Europe is having. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has assessed the human link to global warming.

Get that? Last winter it was really snowy. Just last year. Last year, that is. And this year, it’s not! Global warming works its wrath.

Except, the house was “pictured last month.” And since then, why, a heavy snowfall crippled Bavaria. And it’s still snowy around Mietraching, albeit mushy. And there’s new snow in the Alps this weekend.

So the photo montage in today’s Post article about global warming illustrates that it snows sometimes in Bavaria, and sometimes not. Thanks for the update!

UPDATE (February 3, 12:45 p.m.): Elsewhere on the global PR warming front: Polar bears — drowning, or making art? (Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

And, taking another look at those Reuters photos from Mietraching, it’s not actually a house, is it? It’s a really nice garden shed, a dacha, a garage. Unless this Bavarian happens to live there.