Who Are Today’s Entrepreneurs?

It’s Entrepreneurship Week and both NAM and The Manufacturing Institute are partners. For more information on this important activity, click here.

A little-known dimension of entrepreneurial manufacturing is the number of women that are increasingly running manufacturing firms and employed in every conceivable way to make sure they succeed and thrive. William-Pyro in Fort Worth, for example, is in that mold, headed by Della Williams. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, she has grown her firm from 55 people a few years ago to about a hundred now. The number of women-owned firms in manufacturing has doubled in the past decade. For more on how entrepreneurial women are making major inroads in manufacturing, click here.

Anyone interested in entrepreneurial America would do well to talk to Della Williams or to Scott Volk. Scott is the vice president at MetalQuest Unlimited in Hebron, Nebraska. He’s 32 and has a degree in applied science in manufacturing from a local community college. Scott is one of today’s entrepreneurs, applying his training and skills in a high tolerance, precision component parts business. In a recent interview, Scott said

I like to think outside the box, I like to push the boundaries, and I like a challenge.

That’s certainly entrepreneurial. In the interview, Scott goes on to talk about how he has applied his entrepreneurial skills to the company, the prospects for other young people in manufacturing and the importance of a good education. To read the full interview, click here.

Scott Volk is just the kind of new talent manufacturing needs going forward. To learn more about manufacturing’s campaign to boost the skill sets used in our industry, visit the Dream It. Do It. website by clicking here.