What Price Democracy?

By February 27, 2007Labor Unions

You hear frequently in public discourse — especially in times of war — about the cost of democracy. Well, did you ever wonder how much democracy really costs? Thanks to some publicly-available information, we’re able to tell you: About $30 million.

Yup — that’s how much the AFL-CIO and its various unions paid to well over 200 House candidates, both incumbents and challengers (and all Democrats) in the last election cycle. For that sum, these folks are willing to turn their backs on a central democratic principle — secret ballot elections — and support the anti-democracy card check bill.

In fact, of the top 20 House recipients of union PAC money — all Dems — all but one (Speaker Pelosi) is a co-sponsor of the anti-democracy bill. The Speaker, as you may know, doesn’t usually sponsor legislation. These top 20 alone hauled in almost $9 million of workers’ hard-earned dues. You can just scroll through chief sponsor George Miller’s (D-CA) FEC report and behold the embarrassment of union PAC riches.

So the next time you hear someone ask — rhetorically or not, “What price democracy?” Just confidently answer, “$30 million.” For this group of Democrats in the House, it appears that’s the going rate, the price at which they’re willing to throw democracy out the window.

Oh — and before any of you union gadflies post a snarky comment demanding to know how much we spent, the answer is, “not a cent.” We don’t have a PAC.