Vice President Cheney Talks Trade, China to NAM

By February 14, 2007Labor Unions, Trade

Two accurate wire service accounts of this morning’s comments by Vice President Cheney to the NAM.

The Associated Press:

WASHINGTON – Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday urged top U.S. manufacturers to lobby Congress in what he says will be a difficult battle to extend trade promotion authority to President George W. Bush.

This authority, which expires on July 1, allows the president to negotiate trade agreements that must be considered by Congress on an expedited basis that bars any amendments.

“I think it’s going to be a tough fight,” Cheney said in a speech to the National Association of Manufacturers. “We’re strongly supportive of it. It’s very important for us to continue to have that authority, but we’re going to need help on Capitol Hill.”

Dow Jones:

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Vice President Dick Cheney Wednesday said that the U.S. is making headway in its effort to get China to loosen its grip on its currency, the yuan.

“I think we’ve made progress on the currency front,” Cheney said during a question-and-answer session with a group of manufacturers in Washington. He said a strategic dialogue led by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has put the issue “front and center” with Chinese officials.

“I think we’ve got them in a good place now. It will be a matter of follow-through and continuing to push,” Cheney said. “When the secretary of the Treasury shows up in Beijing with half of the U.S. cabinet, they know we’re deadly serious.”

Both reports also mentioned his comments about the “card check” legislation, as noted in the post below.

UPDATE (11:55 a.m.): The reporter for The Politico — the new Capitol Hill publication — put the Vice President’s remarks in the context of the bigger event, the NAM outreach to Members of Congress, “72 Hours to Educate and Celebrate.” Good context, indeed.