US Brings WTO Case Against China

By February 2, 2007Trade

Back in 2001, we were a big part of the fight — and it was a fight — to get China into the World Trade Organization (WTO). The idea then was to bring them into the league of law-abiding nations, under the umbrella of international trade laws governing illegal subsidies, intellectual property protection, etc. And so we won that battle and in they came. It’s time they obeyed the law.

Today US Trade Representative (USTR) Susan Schwab announced that the Administration is filing a WTO case against China for subsidies they believe to be illegal. The USTR’s office has been negotiating with the Chinese but have thus far not been able to resolve it, so the Administration took to the international court. At issue are subsidies to companies that account for some 60% of all Chinese exports.

Said NAM President John Engler, “The United States has shown five years of patience but time has run out,” adding, “Since China has not acted on its own, it’s proper to initiate WTO action. These WTO-illegal subsidies have no legitimate role in world trade.”

Here’s a link to our statement from today, applauding the Administration’s WTO case and here’s a link to the USTR fact sheet. Time to end illegal subsides and get about the business of fair trade.

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  • Joe Dragon says:

    Lay with those dogs and you’ll wake up with fleas. Keep scratching Pat. You and NAM wanted China to join the WTO. Did you really expect communist China to play by the rules? Now that we’ve lost 3 million manufacturing jobs (AKA: the house has already burned down) you want to stomp your foot and start crying?

    I pray China nationalizes every factory in China- your big contributors would start squirming.