Today, Dems Pay Homage to AFSCME

By February 21, 2007Labor Unions

Years ago, a local mayor was preparing to meet with his recalcitrant city council. Someone cracked that he was off to “kiss their rings.” Responded the Mayor, “I wish their rings were all I had to kiss.”

We were reminded of that anecdote when we read this piece in the WaPo over the weekend about the parade of Democrat Presidential candidates — save Barack Obama, who will do his part in Chicago on March 3 — schlepping to Las Vegas to pay homage to AFSCME, the giant public employee union, in the eventual hopes of winning their endorsement. AFSCME, you may know, is batting .500, having followed an early endorsement of Bill Clinton in ’92 with a similarly early endorsement in 2000 of this guy. Oops.

According to the WaPo article, AFSCME kingpin Gerry McEntee, “makes no secret that he and his union… want to be major players in picking the next Democratic presidential nominee.” Hmmm… Wonder if they even care who the Republican nominee is? Figure that half of their members don’t support the eventual Democrat nominee in the general election. What happens to their money? Guess they’re just disenfranchised. What does McEntee care?

So out to Vegas they go — amidst all the other moral turpitude — to bow, to kowtow, to promise, to pander — and yes, to kiss the rings. You can bet there will be lots promises of support of the anti-democracy card check bill and God knows what all else.

In short, they will promise anything they need to in order to make sure AFSCME flushes their members’ money down the rathole in their direction. Who knows? Maybe some AFSCME members will be fed up enough to get wise to their Beck rights and ask for their money back.