The Week Ahead: Week of February 5

By February 5, 2007General

Here we go for the fastest three minutes in Washington (if you don’t count Joe Biden’s Presidential aspirations) — a look ahead for the week of February 5:

  • The big news this week will be the budget as in “The President’s Budget,” the nearly $3 trillion budget submitted to Congress this morning. Here is a little teaser on it, the President’s Saturday radio address, where he talked about his priorities therein: The war in Iraq, continuing the tax cuts, earmark reform and the line item veto.Here’s a link to a Bloomberg story about OMB Director Rob Portman’s interview on CNN yesterday where he made essentially the same points. We’ll post fact sheets here as soon as we can get our hands on ’em. There will be stuff in there that we care about.
  • Because the Budget will drive a lot of stuff this week, expect a lot of Congressional action (i.e., hearings) on the budget. Among them will be the Senate Finance Committee (Tuesday and Wednesday), Senate Budget Committee (Wednesday and Thursday), Energy Committee (Wednesday), Appropriations and Foreign Relations Committees (Thursday).
  • On the House side, expect hearings on the budget in the House Budget Committee (Tuesday and Wednesday), Ways and Means (Tuesday and Wednesday), Foreign Affairs (Wednesday) and Transportation Committee (Thursday).
  • On Wednesday, the House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing on foreign investment in the US, always a hot topic.
  • Expect a Senate vote on the minimum wage bill. Again, here’s a link to the letter we sent down on that one.
  • The House Education and Workforce Committee will hold yet another hearing on “Solutions to the Economic Squeeze on the Middle Class,” a follow-up to last week’s hearing where NAM member Kellie Johnson testified that the best way to help the middle class is to make sure they have the skills to thrive in the 21st century workplace. Makes sense, no? Sure beats government’s heavy hand.
  • The House Education and Workforce Committee will also hold a hearing on the anti-democracy “card check” bill. This is the bill that’ll toss elections out the window in favor of just getting a bunch of cards signed by a bunch of people. Yeah, that makes sense. As we defend democracy around the globe, why not chuck it out the window here at home?
  • Here’s a link to the House Dems’ weekly update and here’s a link to the GOP’s. And here’s a link to the President’s public schedule for the week. You’ll see a visit to manufacturer Micron Technologies in Manassas, Virginia on Tuesday. Here’s a story we did on that last year, showing the enormous economic impact that Micron’s 800 jobs has had on the local, regional and state economy. Maybe folks will get it that manufacturing powers the economy.
  • And congrats to the Indianapolis Colts and MVP Peyton Manning on their great Super Bowl victory.

    [UPDATE]: Here’s a link to the White House fact sheets on the Budget, just out.