The Week Ahead: Week of February 19

By February 20, 2007General

First and foremost, a Happy New Year to you all, can’t believe it’s already 4705. Crikey, seems like it was 4700 just yesterday. Enjoy the prosperous — and fertile Year of the Pig. Oink, oink, the other white meat. On to business:

For starters, Congress is out of session this week. So relax — the Republic is safe. Don’t believe us? Just click here to look at the House calendar for the week. Whew! Same with the Senate. But that doesn’t mean that manufacturers don’t have work to do. Following on the wildly successful “72 Hours” Fly-In event last week, we have a little work to do.

When the House comes back, they’ll be ready to un-do democracy by passing H.R. 800, the anti-democracy card check bill. You remember — this is the one that will replace secret ballot union elections with cards signed in the unions’ presence? It has 230+ co-sponsors — all handsomely rewarded by labor PAC money, no doubt. Click here to weigh in with your Member of Congress and let them know we firmly come down on the side of democracy. It’s just unbelievable that we have to fight right here in our own country to preserve democracy, but we do. Here’s a link to the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace site, the good guys in this battle.

Today, American Petroleum Institute chief Red Cavaney will be speaking at the National Press Club. We’ll be there for that, will take good notes, will likely write a bit about it here.

On Wednesday, AFSCME, the huge public employee union will convene in Las Vegas and allow all the Democratic Presidential candidates to come kiss their, uh, ring. All but Barack Obama will attend. Apparently he did his ring kissing already.

On Thursday, the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress — better known as the “Nation’s Report Card” — 2005 Grade 12 assessments in reading and math and the 2005 High School Transcript Study will be released. Our fearless leader, Gov. Engler will be attending and speaking. Don’t forget, we’re the big end users of what our schools are cranking out.

And speaking of what our schools are cranking out. Here’s an example of one of those, in case you missed it over the weekend. Oops — she did it again.