The NEA Continues to Put Self Interest Above Students’ Interests

By February 23, 2007Labor Unions

The WaPo ran this cute little piece yesterday about the fact that the dopey National Education Association (NEA) sent a letter to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), urging him to oppose the “Teacher Incentive Fund,” which he sponsored. Cute, huh?

But what struck us as not so cute was that the NEA was opposing this amendment in the first place. The “Teachers Incentive Fund” is a $99 million proposal which would have rewarded teachers who perform well. What a concept. According to the NEA’s website, they opposed this radical notion — of rewarding better teachers — because in their view it is, “unnecessary, duplicative, and serves merely to divert scarce resources away from existing underfunded programs.” This is about the lamest and non-substantive objection we’ve ever seen. It is astonishing that the country’s largest teachers’ lobby would oppose a nearly $100 million fund that would have enhanced the pay of their best members.

But it’s only astonishing if you assume that the NEA had the nation’s students’ best interests at heart. Instead, they are a reliable and consistent voice for mediocrity in the schools. Steve Jobs was right. And the NEA is one more reason the Nation’s Report Card continues to hold not-so-good news for the nation.

Who knows? Maybe some day the NEA will actually start to care about education.