‘The Future of Manufacturing Runs Through a Fiber Optic Cable’

By February 7, 2007General

Here from our friend and fellow blogger Rep. Paul Gillmor (R-OH) is a great piece by the above title. In it, he correctly notes that, “In the coming decades, the ability of the U.S. manufacturing industry to regain its prominence and prove our industrial might lies mainly in the embracing of new technologies,” adding, “The government’s role in this new 21st century industrial revolution should be to act as a facilitator by reducing the regulatory and economic burdens that inhibit new technologies from coming to market.” We happen to agree. We ask for no government largess, only that government get out of the way and let us innovate, make things and drive the economy.

In any event, here’s a link to the full entry on Rep. Gillmor’s blog. Here’s one Member of Congress who practices what he preaches, communicating through a most innovative and cutting-edge medium.

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  • vic says:

    I agree with Rep. Gillmor. Asian countries embrace their technologies and they’re just rapidly growing. America tends to be slow, either because of resistance from big corporations or getting approval through the FCC. It’s about time we do some manufacturing through super fast high-speed Internet.

  • Dewey says:

    I definitely agree, the introduction of fiber optic networks in the United States gives coorporations an edge in their competition. Fiber optic cables are very inexpensive and yet provide high speed internet access.

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