Regulation Run Amok: Is There a Doctor in the House…?

By February 14, 2007General

Went to our “72 Hours” kickoff dinner featuring Fred Barnes last night, next door to NAM Global HQ at the JW Marriott Hotel. As it turns out, the American Medical Association is having their annual conference in the same hotel and they were gathering for their dinner, too. Ran into a friend of ours who works there, stopped to say, “Hi,” joked about saying, “Is there a doctor in the house?” He just shook his head and related this incredible anecdote.

Because there is a crowd of several hundred people, District of Columbia government regulations require that they have a paramedic (which they must pay for) on duty and on the premises. Never mind that this is a room of over 600 physicians, a paramedic is still required on the scene.

Rules are rules, after all. Even when they don’t make any sense. Somebody call a doctor.