On the Anti-Democracy Card Check Bill, More Irony

By February 15, 2007Labor Unions

Capitol Hill watchers will recall that late last month, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) quite publicly quit the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. She alleged that Caucus Chair — and fellow Californian — Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) failed to follow proper procedures as Chairman. Among his offenses outlined in a letter that Sanchez and two others sent to Baca, was his failure to hold a secret ballot vote in the election for Caucus Chair. Her letter requested a new vote — by secret ballot.

So this all makes perfect sense, right? Yes, that is until you realize that Rep. Sanchez is supporting the anti-democracy card-check bill that will eliminate secret ballot elections. We know that the unions never really let themselves get hemmed in by the burdens of consistency. Looks like the folks who are helping them fight the cause of democracy are equally unburdened.

Fact is, Rep. Sanchez was right the first time in her dust-up with Rep. Baca. She oughta stick to her guns and keep insisting on secret ballot elections.