‘Healthy Factories, Anxious Workers — Or, Why Lou Dobbs is Wrong’

By February 12, 2007Trade

Dobbs WatchAs we mentioned below, our economist, Chi Nguyen attended the Progressive Policy Institute’s forum by the above title on Friday. Guess you could say something about it piqued our interest. In the full report by Edward Gresser you’ll see some common myths debunked:

  • Myth #1: Nothing is made in the US anymore. In fact, US manufacturing output has doubled over the past 13 years.
  • Myth #2: The US manufacturing sector is shrinking. In fact, manufacturing’s share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in real terms has been steady for the past 15 years.
  • Myth #3: The US manufacturing sector is shrinking vis a vis global competitors. Wrong again — we are still the #1 global manufacturer — and have been for the past 12 years.
  • Myth #4: US manufacturers are moving to low-wage countries. This one is one of our favorites of course, because it’s just so flat wrong. In fact, the US invests primarily in high wage countries.
  • Myth #5:Trade is a losing proposition for Americans. Also wrong. Exports have grown at a much faster rate than imports over the last several years, creating wealth for US manufacturers and their workers.
  • All of this is backed up by some excellent research from Gresser. Guess it’s naive for us to ever believe that the facts might take hold out there, but hope springs eternal. Maybe this dose of the facts — from the centrist Dems’ think tank — would begin to put the lie to some of the misguided protectionist rhetoric out there.

    Here’s a link to the summary and — again, here’s a link to the full report.

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    • Dustin Romero says:

      Can some tell me were to buy all this American Made goods bucause i just can’t seem to find them But the again what do you expect from a group run by big business

    • Your Mamma says:

      What a load of crap. Why are so many corporations closing in the US and moving to Mexico? So they can get more expensive labor? Give me a break. Corporate GREED. No loyalty to American Workers. This will come back to bite the greedy b*s in the a*. You heard it here first.