Happy Valentine’s Day — Just Don’t Tell the Enviros

By February 14, 2007Global Warming

To the list of ills caused by global warming we can now add Valentine’s Day, apparently. According to this story in the (UK) Telegraph, the carbon footprint on the flowers arriving in Britain are just too great to justify their existence — even if it is for Valentine’s Day. According to the enviros’ estimate, flowers have flown more than 323,000 miles to reach Britain and this is contributing to global warming. Says this article, “Environmentalists warned that ‘flower miles’ could have serious implications on climate change in terms of carbon dioxide emissions from airplanes.” Yes, we supposed they could. Wonder if “flower miles” are like “frequent flier miles”? Can you cash ’em in at some point?

No matter — you guys out there who totally forgot Valentine’s Day and have an irritated significant other, spouse, girlfriend (or all three) to appease, just tell ’em you were doing your part for the plant. That may save them from putting their carbon footprint some place where you don’t want it.

Happy Valentine’s Day.