‘Global Warming: Get Used to It’

By February 20, 2007General

While the blogger-in-chief was bloviating in Kentucky last week, we missed this op-ed in the WaPo (reprinted in their sister publication, Newsweek) by Fareed Zakaria by the above title. He says, “please don’t mistake me for a skeptic,” and cites all the numbers we’ve read so many times by the amen chorus in the mainstream media. But he goes on to say:

“Scientists estimate that simply to keep greenhouse gases at their current levels, we would need to slash carbon-dioxide emissions by 60 percent. Given current and foreseeable technology, that would require cutting back on industrial activity across the globe on a scale that would make the Great Depression look very small.”

This is similar to the argument made by Zakaria’s Post (and Newsweek) colleague Bob Samuelson a week or so ago. It’s interesting that the debate on climate change is beginning to look at the economic impact of all the draconian solutions proposed by the enviros. And, more and more, people are starting to focus on the fact that neither India or China (the latter which will surpass us in emissions by 2009) appear to be part of any solution at all, making drastic US solutions all the more pointless.

In any event, not sure we agree with everything that’s in there, but it’s a good read.