Friday Follies: It’s Not Television, It’s Cheddar Vision!

By February 23, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesAny Washington hand who’s been here long enough has had to sit through at least a few interminable Congressional or Administrative hearings. Of course, any faithful C-SPAN watcher can attest to the hours upon hours of boredom that this town can muster. “Like watching paint dry,” is a common refrain, only not nearly as exciting.

Well, now we’ve gone one better. Thanks to the West Country (UK) Farmhouse Cheesemakers, you can now watch cheese age. It may not be as exciting as watching paint dry — depending on your tastes — but it is a few hundred percent more interesting than, say a good FERC hearing, or a Congressional hearing drilling down into the inner workings of some bureaucracy or government rule.

By clicking on this site, you can see that some 350,000 people (at last count) have been watching this particularly lovely block of cheese age for nigh on 63 days thus far. Wow. Imagine the possibilities. Feel the energy, feel the excitement build. Time to turn off the television and turn on the CheddarVision. Come watch a good manufactured product like cheese make its way thought the aging process. Or not.

Sad to say, for most Washingtonians at least, this is far more exciting than some of the stuff we’ve had to endure. Click here to enjoy this week’s Friday Follies.