Friday Follies: ‘Gore’ — and More

By February 9, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThanks to Jeff Stambovsky for posting a comment to our entry below on one of our favorite targets — Al Gore — and pointing us in the direction of his great site, the Telecosm Songbook. It is a site of song parodies. As you’ll see, the first one is “Gore,” based on the song, “More” from the 60’s film Mondo Cane. We were surprised at how well done these songs were — the music and singing is pretty high quality — certainly better than we could do (OK, a low bar.)

“Gore,” as you’ll see, is followed by a parody of the Sinatra classic, “Nancy With a Laughing Face,” this one called, “Nancy in The Speaker’s Chair.” And there are others. They’re not mean-spirited, but rather are pretty lighthearted and amusing. Somebody did their homework — and some studio work, too.

So click here to give a listen to this week’s Friday Follies. You’ll find yourself humming them all day long.