Farewell to the Blogger’s Apprentice

By February 15, 2007General

After years of repeated physical and verbal abuse at the hands of the blogger-in-chief, the blogger’s apprentice — David Kralik by name — has decided to ride off into the sunset. Both you regular blog readers will be familiar with his byline, but you didn’t always see his behind-the-scenes work. He has been a driving force behind building the blog since we launched in November of 2004. He has been the mastermind of much of its success, and almost singlehandedly has tracked down scores of videos for the CoolStuffBeingMade.com feature.

Today is his last day at the NAM, after which he will become the e-Marketing Manager for the National Association of Home Builders. It is their gain, our loss. Through his 3-1/2 years here, he has been a creative juggernaut, helping to drive one of the most high-profile web presences in town. His understanding of so-called “new media” and his appreciation for all the things it can do is impressive. In a session with our Policy Division earlier this month, one policy staffer called him a “genius” for his skills, responsiveness and speed in web design.

He is a visionary that we’ll all miss. If you’d like, you can click here to drop him a note and wish him well. We will miss him and all that he brought to the table.