Cool Stuff Being Made: How Play Homes Are Made

By February 17, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

playhome.jpgIn honor of the blogger’s apprentice’s departure to the National Association of Home Builders, we promised him that we’d post this video from our friends at PCN Tours of home building on a slightly smaller scale.

Lilliput Play Homes of Finleyville, Pennsylvania was founded over ten years ago by Stephen Chernicky, after building one of these for his daughter Alyssa. He decided right then and there to make a go of it and more than a decade later, he’s still at it, selling small-sized homes for kids. Some of these, as you’ll see, have amenities and decorations that would rival those of big (i.e., normal-size) houses.

The video jumps off to a quick start showing the CNC (for “computer numerical control“) routers, then a more detailed human touch, framing (just like a real house) and shipping. Through it all, you’ll see — as with any manufacturer — a lot of technology, a lot of TLC and attention to detail.

Click here to watch this week’s 17-minute video of Lilliput Play Homes being made and feel the manufacturing vibe.