Cool Stuff Being Made: How Hershey’s Kisses Are Made

By February 10, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

hershey.jpgManufacturing may not be the first thing on the minds of those celebrating Valentine’s Day this coming week, but many of the holiday’s confectionary traditions come courtesy of American manufacturers of all sizes.

This week’s video takes us to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where we see how Hershey Kisses are made — from the milk truck through the production process to the iconic foil wrapping known by generations of Americans.

We feature a wide range of manufactured goods on this space (from candy to aircraft carriers), but you’ll find a lot of similarities in these videos — skilled professionals, high technology, and quality products. Those are traits shared by American manufacturers and what makes them global leaders.

For those of you who may have more of a “Willy Wonka” notion of the inside of a chocolate factory, Hershey’s Chocolate World on the grounds of the Hershey campus is a favorite for many families who either live in the area or are visiting. In the summertime, adjacent Hersheypark, a 110-acre amusement park, can help work off some of the sweets.

Valentine’s Day, family fun, and tasty treats — all brought to you in part by great American manufacturer Hershey Company.

Click here and taste the sweet manufacturing vibe.

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