Cool Stuff Being Made: How Beer Is Made – Yuengling

beer.jpgIn honor of Superbowl XLI tomorrow, we’ve decided to share with you another video on how beer is made. Regular readers will know that we’ve already featured two videos on how beer is made: Budweiser and Sam Adams. Today, on this 23-minute video, we visit Pottsville, PA and visit a brewery which creates a personal favorite of the Blogger’s Apprentice, Yuengling.

Yuengling has been brewing beer since 1829 and hold’s the title of America’s oldest brewery. Yuengling beer is made with just a few ingredients: malt (which comes from the Dakotas), corn grits, hops, yeast and water.

To begin, the malt is put into a malt cleaner where it is cracked open. In a separate process, corn is put into a cereal cooker for 60 to 90 minutes. These two ingredients are then combined into the mash tub and where it forms a new product called “wort.” At this stage, the grain is then separated from the liquid, the wort is boiled and the hops are added. Later, the wort is cooled and then yeast is added as fermentation begins.

The product is then stored for two weeks to allow the yeast to settle and then it is taken to a ‘finishing cellar’ for testing to ensure that the product is uniformly the same. Additional filtering takes place and then it is put into kegs, bottles or cans.

At this factory, Yuengling produces around 15-16 THOUSAND cases of beer a day during a typical 2-shift 16 hour production cycle. The brewery is better known for their bottles but they also produce cans one day a week at a rate of about 500 cans a minute.

So, Click here to see this week’s video of cool stuff being made — if you’re 21. Feel the manufacturing vibe and always drink responsibly.