Cool Stuff Being Made: How A Pillow Is Made

By February 24, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

pillow.jpgThe blogger-in-chief’s got the flu bug, so we’re a little late in getting this posted — sorry. However, it’s appropriate in that since we’ve been under the weather, we’ve been getting well-acquainted with our pillow. Apparently all the other bloggers here are also communing with their pillows at present, too. Hey — it’s early Saturday morning.

So pardon the lack of chit-chat and tangy narrative. We’ll only say simply that this is another video from our friends at PCN, it’s a 30-minute video of the Pacific Coast Pillows Company at their Lebanon, Pennsylvania plant. (Wow, the fever must really be getting to us — Pacific Coast? Pennsylvania?).

Click here to see this week’s video of pillows being made and feel the manufacturing vibe. As for us, we’re going back to bed.