Business Blog Roundup

businessblogroundup2.jpgHP informs the blogosphere that The Corporate Blogging War Has Officially Started, noting that HP, Dell, and IBM “have engaged in a competitive dialogue through blogs.” This is one war where everyone wins.

Accenture‘s blogger would have been a good defense attorney, claiming “It’s Not Cheating but Task Support.” Three people caught cheating at poker with hidden video linked to an off-site computer sparked some musing about the business potential for “short, instantly-available bursts of expertise.” Manufacturers may already be working on bringing such devices to market.

Nortel‘s CTO is now blogging. His overall theme is that “the companies that will thrive in the future will be the ones that look to the system or ecosystem and not simply to the individual technology.” Even more informative than John Roese’s Blog itself are the enthusiastic and appreciate comments.

The GE Research blog reports that GE has received a grant from the National Institute of Health to develop technology to sequence any person’s genome, in just two hours for a mere $1000. Health care and law enforcement are just two aspects of our Brave New World on the verge of a radical transformation.

Verizon’s Poliblog endorses the President’s State of the Union proposal for electronic storage of all healthcare records. He cites an HHS estimate of $140 billion which could be saved annually. NAM President John Engler has called for an aggressive transition to greater reliance on information technology.

The CEO of Sun Microsystems blogs about his new alliance with Intel in support of the Solaris development environment. He’s also thrilled about KKR‘s investment in his company, taking it as a sign of confidence by some of Wall Street’s savviest financiers.

Boeing’s blogger sees clear skies for 2007 and beyond, “thanks to a second straight year of record commercial airplane orders.” Production is sold out for the next two years.

Sprint’s Communications Insider blog reports that as the official wireless telecommunications service sponsor for this year’s Super Bowl, Sprint helped the NFL build a wireline and wireless infrastructure at the stadium and the surrounding Miami area. High bandwith will be in peak demand on Sunday, so hundreds of millions of fans will find out if Sprint is up to the challenge. The Lobby blog provides plenty of reason to visit the Windy City and stay at a Sheraton, Westin or other Starwood Hotel. Super Bowl, Chicago… hmmmm. Alright, I’ll say it. GO BEARS!