Business Blog Roundup

By February 23, 2007Business Blog Roundup

businessblogroundup2.jpgGoogle reminds the blogosphere that this is the 56th annual National Engineering Week, promoting engineering careers across the United States. Among the many programs, today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. As a co-sponsor of National Engineers Week, Lockheed Martin placed this ad in newspapers across the county. Congress passed a resolution honoring engineers, noting that “the nation is lagging far behind many others, especially China and India, in the training of new engineers.” Though India produces more engineers than ever, the economic boom there is sparking concern of a shortage of engineers in the subcontinent.

An ING blogger posts a fascinating article about real-world companies now doing real-world business in the Second Life virtual world, including Sun Microsystems, Amazon, ABN AMRO, and Disney. Hoping to make real-world profits, Toyota sells virtual Scion cars to Second Life motorists.

Wal-Mart has re-activated its blog, with personalized stories by corporate execs, to give its monolithic corporate image a more human face. In fact, Wal-Mart is such a large employer that it has 1.3 million human faces here in the U.S. and another half million employees in foreign countries.

GM blogs about its new Corvettes as well as the electrifying potential of its Volt concept car.

EDS blogs that the Next Big Things are innovations by Amazon, Google and Yahoo to make using the Internet more intuitive and productive. For EDS, another Next Big Thing is “full immersion virtual reality” such as a therapy used to treat U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Already a leader in the corporate blogosphere, Dell has launched the Idea Storm blog, where customers and IT professionals are invited to post their own stories about new Dell products they would like to see developed. This innovative way of bringing manufacturers closer to their customers is a concept sure to be copied throughout the business world.