Business Blog Roundup

By February 17, 2007Business Blog Roundup

businessblogroundup2.jpgThe Boeing blog reports on the soaring demand for more pilots. Over the next 20 years, China, for example, is ordering so many airplanes that 35,000 additional pilots will be required to fly them.

The General Motors vice chairman discusses his company’s success at the recent Chicago Auto Show and announces a new GM blog, the Cadillac Drivers Blog, to focus on development and testing. Another GM blogger tells of GM’s sponsorship of a Car Care Merit Badge for the Girl Scouts.

An IBM blogger emeritus says virtual worlds such as Second Life and other game technologies will have as much impact on the future of computing as the supercomputing and research communities.

EDS predicts that The Next Big Thing may be Phase Change Memory replacing DRAM as the foundation of computing.

Dell blogs about setting up a Global Operations organization to integrate all its worldwide manufacturing, procurement and supply chain functions. Dell is opening new plants in Poland, Brazil and India.

Further reflecting globalization of U.S. companies, the HP blog proudly announces that its Corporate Social Responsibility policy won a European Business Award.

The growing popularity of open source software is another driving force for globalization. A blogger at Intel describes how easily software developers can leave an employer and take with them the software they had been using. A blogger at Ingres Corporation writes about how open source software boosted growth of the IT industry in India.

Accenture blogs that soon every digital device in the world will be connected to a single network (akin to Skynet?). Microsoft and Google, among others, are anticipating this trend by building massive date centers to handle all that data from millions of PC, phones and other devices around the world. “In time, you will come to regard the network not only with respect and awe, but with love.”