Al Gore, Camera Shy?

By February 4, 2007General

This is a little weird, the Father of the Internet not allowing cameras or any newfangled technology into his speeches on global cooling, er, uh, warming. (Wouldn’t want any unscripted moments caught on tape now, would we?)

That’s right — according to this story in the San Jose Mercury News, Al Gore is routinely banning all broadcast media from his speeches. He only reluctantly agreed to allow print media into his most recent speech after he found out that the Merc was going to write this article.

This is made all the more ironic not only because he invented the Internet but also because he is is the chairman of cable network Current TV and is a paid adviser to Google. Just one more example of “Do as I say, don’t do as I do.” As has already been well-established, he’s not particularly “green” in his behaviors, even putting aside the massive “carbon footprint” created by his frequent global trips on private jets.

And why not? As long as there are few in the mainstream media willing to point all this out, he is free to enjoy a double standard and to feed the press only what he wants them to hear.

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  • rlee says:

    Uhhh…what does this have to do with manufacturing? This is the “National Association of Manufacturers”, right?