Al Gore, Burnin’ Up the Carbon

By February 27, 2007Global Warming

Here’s a story that’s burning up the blogosphere

According to the non-partisan Tennessee Center for Policy Research, Al Gore’s Tennessee mansion is burning up twenty times the energy of the average American household. Al’s in the midst of a big media love fest since a bunch of his contributors got together to give him an award on Sunday night for his movie which is part fact and — apparently — part fiction. But while he’s busy preaching, it appears his carbon footprint is matching his growing girth. We’ve noted here before that Al’s got a little hypocrisy problem — as do some of his Hollywood pals.

Here’s a link to one blogger who estimates that because of Al’s environmental impact on the polar bears, he’s killing almost four millibears a year. Ah, the carnage!

Who knows? Things may get so bad that Al will go back to flying commercial.

UPDATE: (By Carter Wood, 10 a.m.): The former vice president has responded, detailing his conservation efforts and noting he buys “carbon offsets” to balance his energy consumption. The Captain’s Quarters blog punches a hole in that defense:

[Purchasing] offsets only means that Gore doesn’t want to make the same kind of sacrifices that he’s asking other families to make. He’s using a modern form of indulgences in order to avoid doing the penance that global-warming activism demands of others. It means that the very rich can continue to suck up energy and raise the price and the demand for electricity and natural gas, while families struggle with their energy costs and face increasing government regulation and taxation. It’s a regressive plan that Gore’s supporters would decry if the same kind of scheme were applied to a national sales tax, for instance.

Kim Priestap engages in even more excellent analysis of Gore’s power-preening over at the Wizbang blog, providing lots of links, too.

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  • no name says:

    wow, it’s amazing that this isn’t the top story on CNN. But wait, the liberal media wouldn’t dare print anything negative about their cause…