72 Hours to Celebrate and Educate Rolls On

By February 15, 2007Global Warming

NAM President John Engler earned a laugh yesterday when he kicked off the “72 Hours to Educate and Celebrate” issues breakfast, welcoming the audience of manufacturers who had come to Washington to spread the message of manufacturing. “We planned this perfectly,” he said. “The Congress can’t get out of town, so with you being here, we’ve got a captive audience for 72 hours.”

The boss was referring to the icesnowsleetfreezingrain storm that walloped the city yesterday, but the inclement weather did not prevent the manufacturers from spending a productive day, starting with a speech from Vice President Cheney, featuring much one-on-one lobbying, and ending with a successful Capitol Hill reception honoring those Members of Congress who support a competitive manufacturing economy.

Today dawned bright, sunny, windy as all heck and in the mid-20s. Schools closed, Metro trains messed up, and roads icy. All in all, another good day for lobbying.

Since we’re doing the weather report, we offer you this graphic, courtesy of the Bismarck (N.D.) Tribune. (Thanks, Tom!) Conditions at 10 a.m….


No Gore Effect, though. Al was nowhere in the vicinity.