72 Hours: Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow Nor Hail

By February 13, 2007General

Inclement weather is disrupting travel in the mid-Atlantic States, and federal offices in the D.C. area shut down about an hour ago. But here at the NAM, our “72 Hours to Educate and Celebrate” goes on. Manufacturing’s message is too important to shelve our advocacy and activism just because of a little winter. Our official statement:

All events related to the NAM’s 72 Hours to Educate and Celebrate are continuing as planned at this time. This includes Tuesday evening’s reception dinner with Fred Barnes. Should there be a cancellation or delay of events due to weather, the NAM will update our main line switch board and we ask that you call that number (202) 637-3000 for regular updates; we will also update the home page of our web site. In the event of a federal government shutdown, there will not be an automatic cancellation of events and again, we ask that you consult our main line switch board and/or web site at www.nam.org.

Dinner with Fred Barnes tonight, breakfast with Vice President Cheney tomorrow a.m., and on from there. We’ll report here on whatever develops.

As an afterthought, a small admission. We like weather cancellations because they give us the opportunity to demonstrate the fruits of a college history degree. The postal carrier’s creed, cited in the headline? Why, that’s from Herodotus, the Greek historian. But is the proper quote, “sleet” or “heat?”

In any case, the show must go on.*

*There are so bewilderingly many laws in the Outside World. We of the circus know only one law–simple and unfailing. The Show must go on. (Josephine Demott Robinson [1865–1948], U.S. circus performer. The Circus Lady, ch. 1 [1926].)