You, Too, Can Save 48 Billion BTU a Year!

images.jpgImagine for a minute that you could save 48 Billion BTU of energy a year. That is the same amount of natural gas consumed by 666,000 homes!

If you are interested in this potential energy savings and if you are a manufacturer, then it’s your lucky day that you are reading this blog. That’s because the U.S. Department of Energy has opened applications for the next set of Energy Savings Assessments. They do these now and then and each set is limited to 250 assessments. Already, over 80 companies have been chosen to participate. These assessments are either no-cost or shared-cost, so they should be very attractive to any manufacturer who wants to cut her or his energy bill with the help of professionals.

Here’s what the Department of Energy’s Web page says about this nifty program:

Companies such as Kellogg, Sunoco, Tembec, and many more took part in the first round of 200 ESAs, and have identified excellent opportunities for savings. Of the 188 plants that have reported their results, the total potential natural gas savings are 48 trillion Btu per year–equivalent to the natural gas consumed by 666,000 typical homes–and the potential cost savings of nearly $460 million. After six months, 71 plants have completed energy savings projects worth more than $10 million, and another $130 million in energy savings have been identified.

For more information, including how to apply, click here.