Words That Work

By January 7, 2007General

wordsthatwork.jpgSeems like everyone is writing books these days and so I was delighted to learn that my former boss, Frank Luntz, has decided to share some of his expensive consulting time for the low price of $16, which is the cost of his new book, Words That Work: Its Not What You Say It’s What People Hear, available now on Amazon.com.

If you are looking to unlock the mystery behind why some political and business leaders succeed in elocution, and others just fall flat on their face, this book is for you. Written by one of the foremost wordsmiths of our time, Frank Luntz truly is a genius. If you are not familiar with Dr. Luntz, then you’re probably at least familiar with some of the winning phrases that he helped coin that have change political debates including, “death tax” and “exploring for energy.”

Although Luntz has spent many years working for Republicans, the book is definitely non-partisan and billed as a “behind-the-scenes look at how some of the most famous language was crafted and utilized.”

It features interviews from high profile individuals that span the political spectrum including Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Larry King, Aaron Sorkin, Steve Wynn, Norman Lear, Bob Shapiro, and many others.

In the book, you’ll learn as Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell talk openly about the negative linguistic impact of “détente” and “Bring it on.”

For manufacturers, learn what CEOs need to say to please shareholders, avoid strikes, and communicate effectively with customers.

Also, our personal favorite, “The 21 best words for the 21st Century, and the 21 political words you should never say again …ever.”

So, be sure to order a copy of his book, its sure to be an interesting read.