What’s in a Name? A Great Leap Backward

By January 5, 2007Labor Unions

We had been predicting this for a while and were tipped off to it by this item in today’s WaPo. The GOP, upon taking control of the House of Representatives more than a decade ago, changed the name of the House Education and Labor Committee to the “Committee on Education and the Workforce.” It was a long-overdue modernization of the name to reflect the lexicon of the modern-day work place. This really hacked off the labor skates, as this was a committee that was their sole province, and so the name change stuck in their craw. This was their committee, after all. They owned it.

When the Dems regained control of the House, we predicted that the name would revert, and indeed it has. When you Google, “House Education Workforce Committee,” the first link that comes up is this one. Presto! The name has changed, the labor folks are back in charge.

What’s in a name? In this case, it is a great leap backward and a clear sign to anyone who may have doubted it that the unions are firmly back in charge of the committee’s agenda.

How ’bout a little anti-democracy card check….?