The WaPo: Polar Bears-Come-Lately

By January 7, 2007General

It took the WaPo a week to editorialize on the supposedly endangered polar bear. Only problem is, by the time they got around to it, too many other news outlets — including the Wall Street Journal in a pretty lengthy editorial (subscription required) early this week — showed that in fact, the polar bear population has been rising. The head polar bear scientist for the Nunavut in Alaska has also said as much. We’ve written about it a few times already this week — see here, here and here.

Oh, well, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Newspapers are falling behind the blogosphere in part because it takes them so much longer to get in the fray. This is a case where the information overtook them before they could run their editorial. No matter, they’re apparently hoping none of their readers have a mind of their own, natural curiosity, or Internet access.